There are things you should know once you decide to sell your jewelry. Among the things that people want to know about selling the jewelry they own is a typical yet critical question. 

How do I know I’m getting a fair cash back from the jewelry I sold? 

Have you heard of estate jewelry? This simply means the jewelry is pre-owned. You see, estate just means that an object or property has been owned by someone previously.  

A jewelry that is previously owned is lesser in value compared to a new jewelry. Since jewelry is a big investment, most often, people do not invest in a use jewelry and always go for a new one.  

When it comes to style, the jewel industry is driven. Styles differ from time to time however here are styles of jewelry that survives time and are called by many as classic jewelry. If an estate jewelry does not come with a classic design, often it is not as high in price. Some jewelry can also be extreme in surviving time and are called antique. Jewelry which are considered antique also have extreme price offers. Knowing between a simply old jewelry from an antique jewelry requires a professional eye and a trusted or reliable one at that. This may not matter much to someone that is not an expert in the jewelry industry but Asa jewelry owner, you should do your research as well or it might cost you a lot of money. 

The condition your jewelry is in also matters in selling your jewelry. Yes, broken jewelry is given its right worth if you lean into the choice of selling it. However, do take note that it will not amount to the value as when you first purchased it. That’s why if ever you want to sell your jewelry in the future, make sure to take extra care about it as it is a good and big investment.  

Gold or jewelry in general only increase in value as time goes on. Invest in cleaning your jewelry if possible, not only will you benefit from the fact that it shines extra after the cleaning process but it will also be better preserved through time if you handle it with enough care and clean it regularly. 

Handling jewelry might be easy but when you think of it as a worthy investment for sure you will definitely think twice. Some of us tend to rely on toothpaste when cleaning our jewelry. After a brush or two, rinsing it afterwards give it extra shine, however there are jewelry designs that are delicate and may need extra care.  Jewelry looks better when it is cleaned but it does not mean you brush it with toothpaste every day. This is the reason why you need to see a professional when handling your jewelry. Through their years of experience, they know when a jewelry should be cleaned and what cleaning agent should be used to not bring damage. 

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