When we say escape rooms, we mean an adventure. It is a physical game where each player is locked away in a room and in order to have the key to let herself or himself out, he needs to critically think and solve a puzzle. It can be answering a riddle, looking for a button, or finding a strategy to get out. There are also hints depending on the level or game you are on. 


Since escape room has been defined, you might wonder why your being smarter has been tied to the game.  

An escape room is technically just like any other puzzle and your brain loves puzzles. Like any other game, escape rooms offer an escalating difficulty and through that you are able to challenge yourself and your brains to work harder to solve the puzzle in order for you to get through a specific level and step into the next one. When your brain is experiencing escalating difficulty, it releases a chemical that helps in making your mood better or positive. The chemical is called dopamine.  

The brain craves dopamine and as it releases the chemicals as you challenge yourself further, it craves it more. If you are constantly challenging your brain and you have noticed that you are seeking the challenge yourself and getting better at it then know that your brain is actually adapting to the challenge thus enabling you to become smarter.  

Problem-solving is a skill you can hone through escape rooms.  

Experience helps in getting yourself better at what you do. Sure, theories help you know more than you should but as it has been said over and over again, experience is the best teacher! Being good at sports requires you to train every single day so that you build stronger muscles and you handle soreness a bit more. Doctors go into hospitals and train through surgeries so they can better provide people the treatment they need. Chefs cook more than your typical thrice a day meal because they need to hone not just their skills but also their palates. If you want to be better at problem solving, then I think you know what to do. Solve problems! There are a lot of problems that can be solved in order to engage your brain and get better at it. It can be math, coding or science! However, there is actually a better way to explore your problem-solving skills. Through escape rooms, you will encounter puzzles, logic and mind bugging riddles, analysis of where a thing or object is found or hidden and through these mentioned alone, you are actually solving problems.  

More than that, you are also honing your deducing abilities! 

However, escape rooms are not always near your workplace or where you live. However, did you know that escape rooms can also be played online? Like actual or physical escape rooms, it also offers both team work or individual gaming. So, if ever you feel like exercising your brain and wanting to destress from a stressful week, you can definitely play without spending dollars outside just to get to a physical escape room.  

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